In situations of high stress time seems to slow down. The adrenaline rush put our senses in hyper drive mode, so we can register every single detail that could mean the difference between life and death. This was the concept behind the Franchise, to put all the characters in this sort of "frozen in time" moments.
There's wasn't a lot of time for Totuma to develop the pieces, so we have to learn really fast the camera mapping technique which was originally used for another Discovery Europe's piece by our Italian friends at Nerdo: Alessandro Durando, Daniele Gavatorta y Lorenzo Levrero. Our deepest gratitude to them for sharing their technical know-how so generously and selflessly.

Copy & Project Description: Totuma Communications & Design
Art Direction: Hubert Reinfeld & Vladimir Mihalkov
Graphic Design: Cristina Briceno & Alejandro Ocando
3D & Camera Mapping: Alejandro Ocando
Compositing: Marcial Gonzalez & Alejandro Ocando
Color Grading: Vladimir Mihalkov
Company: Totuma Communications & Design
Client: Discovery Channel LATAM
Original Concept: Nerdo
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