Humanum was a gathering of leaders representing the world’s religion at the Vatican, an interreligious colloquium on the complementarity of man and woman. It celebrates the ancient sacred union of the marriage and calls for action in putting families at the top of this century priorities. We were responsible for the overall graphic package of the project. Our open is the story of our quest through time & space as a species. Humanity's journey trying to find an answer in God and in each other.

Creative Direction: Hubert Reinfeld, Vladimir Mihalkov
Live Action Direction: Vladimir Mihalkov, Hubert Reinfeld
Art Direction: Cristina Briceno
Graphic Design: Cristina Briceno
Animation: Alejandro Ocando, Marcos Medvedov, Vladimir Mihalkov
3D Modeling & Animation: Alejandro Ocando
Compositing & Color: Vladimir Mihalkov
Storyboard Artist: Alejandro Ocando
Hand Model: Maruan Diaz, Alejandro Ocando
Original Score & Mix: Marmoset
Project Description: Totuma Communications & Design
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