NVIDIA brings the power of virtualization to the users who need it to be their most productive. GRID 2.0 technology ensures complete virtual application compatibility, meaning any application that can run in a physical desktop can run in a virtual desktop. Organizations can now expand their virtualization footprint without compromise.

Copy: Hubert Reinfeld, NVIDIA
Creative Direction: Hubert Reinfeld, Vladimir Mihalkov
Art Direction: Cristina Briceño, Alejandro Ocando
Graphic Design: Cristina Briceno, Marcos Medvedov, Alejandro Ocando
Storyboard: Alejandro Ocando
2D & 3D Animation: Marcos Medvedov, Andres Ungaro, Alejandro Ocando
Company: Totuma Communications & Design
Voice Over: Gina Martell
Client: NVIDIA
Original Campaign: Bureau Hardy Seiler, Nord Nord
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