The challenge here was to establish the mood of the channel from three different perspectives: a) Passion (most of the channel programing is based on passion related crimes) b) CSI (the investigation process behind every crime scene and c) Psycho (Tales from the mind of the killers). Budget was very tight so we made all the different production elements on a single day: Hand with gun and lighting; Eye crying and flower collapsing (which we achieved by putting a heater next to the flower to speeding up the decomposition process) and our "scary looking" and coffee barista friend from Panther Coffee in Wynwood, Philly. Thanks, bro!

Copy & Project Description: Totuma Communications & Design
Creative Direction: Hubert Reinfeld, Vladimir Mihalkov
Art Direction & Design: Cristina Briceno
Live Action Direction: Vladimir Mihalkov, Hubert Reinfeld
Animation & 3D: Alejandro Ocando
Compositing: Alejandro Ocando, Vladimir Mihalkov
Actors: Phillip, Maria Kowalska
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