"No estas solo” is the debut album, as a soloist artist, from our friend Rodrigo Gonsalves, AKA Rodrigo Solo (yes, like Han Solo) the first song we heard from the EP was, curiously, a song not written by Rodrigo but by “Cayayo Troconis”. "Alma perpetua” is a beautiful homage Rodrigo does to this also beautiful inedited song from one of Venezuelan most influential musical geniuses (Sentimiento Muerto, PAN, Dermis Tatú) that left us way too soon. There is a second homage song to another musical Venezuela genius: Simón Diaz among many other strokes of genius (the word keeps coming) among the EP like “Honor Kamikaze", “Mi Mejor Defensa" and "Atropa Belladonna”. In Totuma we got the privilege of collaborating in the project designing the whole CD and creating a virtual experience app that will be available soon. Congrats bro on this GREAT first album as a soloist.
Now let's go for SNL!

Project Description: Totuma Communications & Design
Creative Direction: Hubert Reinfeld, Cristina Briceno
Cover's Concept: Alejandro Ocando Troconis
Art Direction: Cristina Briceno
3d Modeling & Mapping: Alejandro Ocando
Paper Model Makers: Alejandro Ocando Troconis, Vladimir Mihalkov
Photography: Vladimir Mihalkov
Photo Retouch: Vladimir Mihalkov, Cristina Briceno
Additional Photo & Retouch: Ashley Hernandez
Additional Design: Alejandro Ocando Troconis, Vladimir Mihalkov
Booklet Illustrations: Rodrigo Gonsalves
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